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Support Us


Everybody has a passion and many times they unable to find the right organization for them or they have contacted an organization but found that the organization has reached capacity for volunteers. Due to this many people are left demotivated. Carers Unite sees this as a need in the community and aims to guide individuals to the organization they are currently involved with.

If you would like to physically get involved with one of our projects, please feel free to contact us or if you are unable to donate your time but would want to be apart of what we do, making a monetary donation or donating any unwanted goods is equally as helpful. We will facilitate the collection and delivery of your unwanted goods to our various projects.


Creating a platform that opens up channels to build and improve on the unity between carers and organizations who share similar ideologies.

We bridge the gap by being the face and voice for public communities, volunteers and funders who want to make a difference. The success of every project that we have worked on is a result of a variety of collaborations between organizations and funders willing to donate their resources and expertise.

Our aim is to find out if there is a way in which we can assist individuals, organizations and corporates. Sometimes it’s providing them with Marketing or Public Relations advice, contacts and resources. Whether it’s for the benefit of an individual, Non Profit, corporate social responsibility or ours, if it impacts the community positively- it impacts Cares Unite to.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any opportunities to collaborate. We may not always be able to, but at the very least may be able to refer you to someone that can.


We believe everyone has a role to play within our community, and we admire those that are actively involved in making a difference in the community. These organizations need to be recognized and most times have no social media platform or Public Relations manager to encourage social awareness and inspire others to get involved.

Fortunately, we have the resources at our fingertips and using various Social Media, PR and marketing, information can reach a great audience within a short space of time. We aim to use our resources and skills to create awareness of the incredible work that individuals and organizations are doing within our community.