Welcome to our Chat & Connect platform

This platform is to allow all donors the opportunity to connect directly with the good doers in the community. 

We encourage all donors to work with people in their immediate community to help grow the feeding scheme and assist them with any volunteer work.

All individuals and organisations listed below have given us permission to share their contact number, so you can liaise with them directly. 

Please note no monetary donation is given via our platform to these organisations on your behalf, all monetary donations made online via our site will be used for projects selected and done by Carers Unite. Cares Unite will not be held accountable for any reports or images needed once you make direct contact. If you require any photos from donations given to the people below, you will need to source it from them directly.

Our aim is to encourage you to work directly with these trusted charities and build strong relations. Join us and be a part of the crazy, positive movement of changing the world one human at a time.

If you would like to register your feeding scheme/ charity onto our database, please email us the following details to

  1. Name, surname, contact number
  2. Name of feeding scheme/ charity
  3. Address
  4. What the main focus of your charity is
  5. How many people you care for
  6. If you feed, what days is it done on
  7. Photos of events done
  8. Social media links if you have any
  9. What your expectation is for reaching out to us

Please note: we do not support organizations who receive any government or individual funding. This is a platform for individuals who are not registered or who are underfunded and limited in resources.

Find your charity of choice in the table below and click on the Whatsapp icon to chat and connect.

Eureka Feeding schemeEureka0629248330Shahida Nasson
Elzeth feedingDurbanville0728654993Elzeth
Giving with a purposeSoweto0658183711Nazlee
Malcolm Cloete’s Feeding SchemeVredehoek0814814668Malcolm Cloete
The girls feeding schemLotus river0714953175Nabeelah
Kim feeding schemeOttery0795422602Kim
The little treasure foundationLansdowne0836974041Farah
Govenders Love othersJohannesberg0646826906Tracey Govender
Aunty Catherine feeding scheme
Denver Van Aarde
Community feeding schemeRylands - Manenberg0723629192Aslam Cassiem
Pelican park feeding schemePelican park0749196993Winnie
Donavan feeding schemeRetreat, Komlossy and Tabourine0787251864Donavan Johnson
Bountiful Grace NPCN1 City0727354777Jolene Truter
Challis feeding schemeBonteheuwel0614637605Challis
Shireen Ishmail feeding schemePhumlani0846098014Shireen Ishmail
Uncedo lwethu foundationFreedom park Ottery0780005933Sibongile Samsam
Spencer feeding schemeDelft0812735592Spencer
Micayla Feeding schemeEastridge0782387101Micayla Julie
The Valley of plentyHanover park0822106541Pete
Jeptha feeding schemeEastridge0787230017Antonio Jeptha